We’re happy to announce the release of our children safety solution – KidSafeCam. The software uses your web camera to monitor your child activity and alarm whenever your kid enters into any of the danger zones in your home.

There are undoubtedly many danger places for a young toddler in any of our homes – ovens, fireplaces, windows, stairs, bookshelves, lamps, power sockets, knife holders, pools, sinks, washing machines, etc. A young kid can get harmed in any of these places. Parents usually take different restriction and protection measures to restrict the child access to such dangerous places. But it often results in kids being extra creative in avoiding the “obstacles”.

What is KidSafeCam

KidSafeCam is a free software designed to turn a standard Windows PC and a web camera into home monitoring solution. The product monitors the dangerous zones in your home and alarms you in case of motion detection. Whenever kids enter the danger zone a sound alarm goes on. This not only draws the parents attention but also makes the kid stop. The alarm can be set to a song or even animation movie to draw the child’s attention and the child away from the danger zone.

How it works

The product can cover multiple danger zones simultaneously. Each danger zone needs to be set in order to cover the entire danger place. After marking all the danger zones the product needs to be activated for processing. It is recommended to keep the monitoring zones clear at the time of activation for a few seconds. The product begins with initial scene observation and visual data gathering. The self-learning (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm initially processes the danger zones and acquires all the visual parameters of each of them. Then it uses the initial data to detect the moment a child enters any of the zones.

Does it record video

KidSafeCam has integrated video logger, which constantly saves the video data from the web camera to your computer for later preview if required. The constant video logger saves the video files in low resolution and frame rate, saving your PC storage. Also the product has integrated motion detection video logger, which saves video files if any of the danger zones has been alarmed. The motion detection video logger saves the files in higher resolution and frame rate. The video files are accessible through an easy-to-use logger form for quick preview.

Who is it for

KidSafeCam is mainly used by parents of young children at their homes, alarming when a child accesses the danger zones at their kitchens, stairs and windows. It can help providing a more secure childhood to your kids on their quest to explore.